AssociationServerâ„¢ The Unified Platform for Associations & Regulatory Bodies powered by the Microsoft Cloud (Azure)

2017 V3.5 Now hosted within the Microsoft Azure "Platform as a Service" infrastructure! Powerful regional hosting in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and around the world.

Data integrity is the number one priority here at Oasis Computing. Our managed hosting clients have never experienced any data loss, nor have their systems ever been down in over 15 years. Our relentless commitment to uninterrupted, responsive online services for our clients and their members means we are constantly looking for ways to improve through new technology while at the same time, not exposing our clients to bleeding-edge technology until it’s been proven in the marketplace.

That's why we are moving our entire platform into the new Azure Cloud Platform. Not only for it's high performance but also for it's state-of-the-art disaster recovery infrastructure.

How do you cut your losses and break the expensive and exhausting three year cycle of version overhauls?

Easy! Build it right. Build it to last. Build it with Association Server. We are constantly investing R&D resources into your current version, instead of constantly re-introducing costly upgrades.

Welcome to the only truly unified enterprise platform designed to disrupt the prevailing trend of implementing bulky, disconnected, and inflexible AMS systems that require heavy IT involvement, training, coding, and resources.

Our approach is to run your entire enterprise, quietly in the background. Our mission is to provide associations with the highest possible ROI and value, by crafting solutions that:

  • Set you free to create your own unique website, using free, open-source CRM widgets.
  • Plug-n-play powerful, proven, e-commerce services anywhere on your website.
  • Single Sign On for all of your online member sevices.
  • Cost less to implement than turnkey, COTS solutions.
  • Are far more affordable to run, upgrade, and manage year after year.
  • Have a much longer shelf-life than COTS solutions.
  • Most closely mimic your current day-to-day work-flows, and those of your members.
  • Encourage the highest level of on-line participation from members and volunteers.
  • Provide the highest level of ROI through constant no-charge upgrades and new versions.
  • Are the most scalable - all of our clients are running the same version, whether for 3 or 300 staff. 

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